Zarox, by Louis Smith



Parker is a normal boy…

… living a normal life. Every morning he and his brother, Callum, go to school, where they meet their best friends, Riley and Lucy. Everything seems quite ordinary…right?

During what should be an everyday, regular meet, the group of friends will find themselves transported to a whole different realm. Zarox is a world where many different creatures exist. Some of them are friendly, some hostile, all of them magical. The group of four will soon realize they have a very special role in this┬ásituation, and so…adventure begins!

Welcome to Zarox: a world of fantasy, magic and courage!

This is a tale of friendship at its very best! A story that teaches everyone that anything is possible with enough collaboration, hope, communication and above all: love.

This is a story told beautifully. Each and every character is built so differently at its core, but at the same time all the heroes are similar in their values. Kindhearted and brave, they certainly teach us that what is most important in difficult times is to stay together.

I am always happy to read books of new authors. But if I am to be completely honest with you, in the back of my mind I always have the fact that debut stories usually have quite a few plot flaws and need a lot of improvement (they usually have quite a few syntax and grammar errors,as well). Having reviewed plenty such books, I tend to believe that’s the general rule.

However, this time I was pleasantly surprised. I was very happy to realize that this story is as well written as any book by experienced, many-times published authors. Zarox is a story with a plot that I admired, and it certainly had me hooked!

A genuine page turner, I strongly recommend it for all fantasy lovers out there!