Uplift, by Grant Corriveau


Have you ever wondered what happens in the cockpit of the plane that is taking you home?

What happens when the green lights flash in the cockpit, but the red lights indicate an error at the same time? What kind of decisions does a captain have to take during a flight? And does it ever get boring?

If you’re a frequent flyer, you have probably wondered about what happens in the cockpit. What goes through a pilot’s mind when something goes wrong? Is everything alright just because you have realized nothing suspicious during your flight, or might something have gone wrong without you realizing it?

And, even when it’s not such a specific question, have you ever wondered what kind of training a person has to endure in order to become a pilot? How much do you have to want it in order to make it happen?

Uplift is here to answer your questions

These are only some of the questions you get answers for in Uplift, a book written by an experienced pilot. Constructed by small informative pieces in combination with true events that the author and former pilot has lived through, the books is a must for people who love flying. This is an absolutely enjoyable read with sudden bouts of laughter at times, but also some very moving moments.

Funny, real, moving

Written informatively and attracting the reader’s attention immediately, this is a humorous story that will leave you with more knowledge about the people taking you home when you board that plane. When you finish Uplift, you will certainly feel a lot more respect for these hard working people that do whatever there is in their power in order for you to reach your destination safely.

Uplift taught me that flying is not just another job. It is hard and often dangerous, and it is not meant for everyone. I have thus gained a deeper understanding, and I loved that.