Take a deep breath… Underwater Breathing, by Cassandra Parkin


Take a deep breath, we are playing a game


Jacob has promised to protect young Ella, even from their own parents. When they argue downstairs, Jacob and Ella practice in Underwater Breathing. There, in the large old mansion’s bathtub, the two of them hold their breath for as long as possible. Under water, no sound of arguing or yelling comes through. This is how the survive. this is how they stay together.

Until one day, Jacob wakes up to find his mother and sister gone.

Years have gone by.  Jacob is trapped at home with an ill father who remembers nothing. When Ella reappears out of the blue, they will both have to face their childhood demons. They might finally realize their childhood was much different than what they remembered. Hidden secrets will resurface from the water, and the puzzle of their lives will be complete – but will they have the courage to face it?

Underwater Breathing is so much more than meets the eye.

The author has managed to portray so many aspects of life, so many characteristics of human nature, that it is hardly manageable to describe it. From coping with the loss of loved ones – either alive or dead- to assuming responsibility of one’s own actions, the characters of this book have so much to teach the readers.

What would you endure for love’s sake?


There are a lot of things humans will do or endure for love, and that is clearly seen in the lives of all members of this tragic family. Beautiful metaphors are hidden within this tragic, heartbreaking, but still beautiful tale, with the most magnificent one being the sea devouring a house, and the willingness to move on.

Underwater Breathing is a masterpiece of fiction.  Captivating, engrossing, and wonderfully tragic at the same time. It is absolutely worth the time of every reader. Underwater Breathing and is one of those books that a person can read time and again without getting tired. Strongly recommended for all readers.

Underwater Breathing is out now by Legend Press.