Treachery In Tuscany, by Phyllis Gobbell


Welcome to Florence

Jordan Mayfair and her uncle find themselves in the heart of Renaissance : Florence. Everything starts out well; this is a trip for relaxation, after all, and a chance for her to see her romantic interest, Paul Broussard, who’s flying to Florence from France just for her.

But things will start  going terribly wrong.

Between a series of robberies around the city and the death of a young girl, Jordan will find herself investigating things the police theorizes are simple accidents. Can the death of a young girl who was full of life really be a suicide? Could it be staged?  And what can Jordan do in order to help uncover the truth?


As if all this wasn’t enough, Jordan will have to face cruel facts about Paul Brussard’s daughter, who does not seem to like her at all.  But could she really be more than just spoiled? Could she actually be dangerous?


This is a well written, pleasant mystery book. Perfectly easy to read in a day, it easily holds the reader’s attention to the end. The story peaks perfectly, becoming quite unpredictable at points. The region of Tuscany is also very well described, the author drawing a perfectly accurate picture for the reader.


All in all very enjoyable, it is specifically ideal for fans of mysteries. Treachery in Tuscany is the third book in the Jordan Mayfair Mystery Series, but it can be read on its own without any plot difficulties for the reader.