These Savage Shores

These Savage Shores - bibliophile review1766.

Human trade. Relentless wars. And an ancient evil.

The East India Company seeks to secure the Silk Route. Hordes of English ships  arrive in Calicut. One of them is bringing along a being far more evil than the Englishmen who have settled here. But what the strange creature that’s disguised as man doesn’t know is that this land is full of its own creatures, some of which are far more evil and powerful than himself.

These Savage Shores is a masterfully narrated story. The writer blends the history of the East India Company with various myths and legends. The result? A suspenseful story.

It’s mysterious, atmospheric, and at times heartbreaking. The illustrations are a masterpiece on their own, creating more magic for the story.

These Savage Shores is the beginning of a dark, magical, and sometimes frightening adventure full of ancient demons and sinister characters. A not-to-be-missed graphic novel for the fans of the genre.