And then there were none, By Agatha Christie

“One little Soldier boy left all alone;

He went out and hanged himself and then there were none.”


mystery, agatha christie

England, 1930s.

Eight people arrive at an isolated island off the Devon coast. They have all been invited by a man they have heard of one way or another. However, none of them has actually seen him before.

Mr and Mrs Owen, the hosts, have unfortunately not arrived yet. Instead, the guests are met by the housekeeper and his wife, and are assured taht their hosts will be arriving the next day.

After their first dinner, however, a gramophone recording will reveal to them the true reason they are there: someone is accusing them of commiting crimes and escaping justice. The voice on the record is clear: none of them are able to leave the isolated island, and all of them will soon be dead.

Ten people on an isolated island.

They are being murdered one by one, just like the old “Ten Little Soldiers” rhyme. How is it possible that no one else is on the island, and yet people are being murdered? Who is Mr Owen and how does he know all of them?

From one of the great masters of mystery

And Then There Were None is a unique and atmospheric story, and few people can argue against that. Agatha Christie has constructed a detailed and careful story plot, one that the reader will not be able to unravel easily. This is widely considered Christie’s masterpiece, and, as a reader, I can very well understand why. It takes a great effort to divert the reader from their suspicions, making them change their mind about who the killer is, and Christie does just that.

In the aftermath of an interesting mystery , the readers find themselves questioning what justice really is. Is everything black and white? Do you think it is good, or even necessary to take justice in your own hands? Is killing a killer justified?

This is exactly what makes this book so interesting. Aside from the mystery, the suspense, the read-it-all-in-one-sitting aspect, the story leaves a lot of discussion points (and isn’t this just wonderful?). This is the kind of story you will not forget easily. For the fans of the mystery genre, this is the epitome of truly intelligent suspense. Happy reading!