The Weight of a Soul

The weight of a soul - reviewLena could be a typical teenager in a Viking village. But she has a great difference from every other: as the firstborn daughter of the village Chief, she knows that one day, the village will be hers. But that comes with duties. And her first one is to marry her sister’s, Fressa’s, beloved one.

When Fressa is found dead with no apparent wounds, Lena will do anything to find out what happened to her beloved sister. Her cold, distant father leaves for another quest. Her mother prepares her wedding to the boy her sister was in love with. But Lena is determined to get her sister back.

So determined, that she’ll travel to the underworld to plea with the gods.

Soon, Lena will come to realize that her sister’s death was part of a far larger scheme than what she had ever imagined. Gods have a part on what is happening. Her whole village, and the whole Nordic world is in danger. Can Lena really do something to bring her sister back when it will anger her Gods?

The Weight of a Soul is a quite unique story that interweaves fantasy with Norse mythology in a very amusing way. Although at times it can be a dark book that revolves around a harsh era, duty, and death, it’s also a book about sisterly love, resilience, and determination.

With wonderful narration and intricate characters, The Weight of a Soul is an absolute must-read for all fans of fiction, especially those interested in Norse fiction and mythology.