The Undoing of Arlo Knott

The Undoing of Arlo Knott - Bibliophilegr reviewWhat if your life had an ‘undo’ button?

At thirteen, among pain and regret for his mother’s passing, Arlo Knott realizes that he has an extraordinary ability: he can reverse his most recent action. His power, at this point, comes with limitations. He has to remember exactly what was done in order to reverse it, and it must be the most recent happening. But it’s still a tremendous ability. Is this his free pass card into a life with no serious mistakes or dangers? Or can this lead to repercussions?

Soon enough, Arlo will realize that for every choice, there’s a price to pay. Even for him, and even as, while getting older, his ability seems to be growing. You can’t leave skeletons in your closet forever, and Arlo will have to understand that sooner or later. Meanwhile, strange results of his ability will come to haunt him.

The Undoing of Arlo Knott is a beautiful, hard-breaking, mind-shattering story of a person that holds an unthinkable, for today’s standards, power: to undo the actions that didn’t turn out well, while living the what-ifs that the rest of humanity can only ponder about.

Arlo himself is a peculiar character, driven by intelligence as much as by grief. Not always making the right choices (even with the power he holds in his hands), he goes through a life that’s equally intriguing and tragic, with small spots of sunshine in between. Arlo shows us what the human mind (and soul) are capable of: both in a positive and a negative scope. And his story doesn’t cease to amaze, from the beginning to the very last page.

Heather Child has carefully constructed a true masterpiece. I would gladly read this story over and over without ceasing to be absorbed by its details. This is a book you’ll want on your 2019 list – in fact, why not read it now? This is a choice you won’t regret.