The Time Keeper

TimeKeeper_cover_front-There is a reason why God limits our days


-To make each one precious


A teenage girl wishes time would run faster so that she can she her crush sooner. A middle aged cancer patient wishes time would slow down so that he doesn’t have to meet his death so soon. And Father Time listens.

As the story unravels, you meet Dor, the first human being to understand the concept of time. But along with the realization came the obsession, the invention of the clock, the withdrawal from more important things in life and the anxiety about minutes, hours, days  passing by.

Never before have I come across a story that shows so accurately that the concept of time can be very dangerous if not handled well.  Through the thoughts and actions of the  protagonists  you can see your own thoughts about time, and whether you always want more or you wish it would run faster, there is always a part of your life you end up losing.

A story slowly and carefully paced, you do have to be a patient reader, but the realization will hit you in the end. The story of Father Time will make you wish clocks had never been invented.