The thriller list: 5 thrillers for your September list

Schools open, people get back from holidays. September seems like the month we come back to reality. But if you’re not quite ready for that yet, don’t worry – here’s a list with some of the most intelligent and chilling thrillers to get your mind off things. So plan ahead, and add these to your September to-read list. Are you ready?

The Family Upstairs

The Family Upstairs - reviewIn the posh neighborhood of Chelsea, the police find a baby, happy an healthy in her cot. Downstairs, three adults lie dead in the kitchen. The teenagers of the family are missing. 25 years later, no one knows what has happened. But now it’s time to find the truth. Because the baby has grown. And she’s back for answers.

Mysterious, dark, and well-written, The Family Upstairs invites you in their home. Will you be able to find out what’s hidden in this house? Read more about it here.



The Other Mrs Miller

The other Mrs Miller - reviewPhoebe is rich, bored, and unwilling to leave the house.  And, ever since that strange car started showing up in her neighborhood, she’s had a very strange feeling. Is the woman in the car watching her? And if so, why?

If twists and turns along the way are your thing, The Other Mrs Miller is definitely the book for you! Picking up slowly but surely, the story peaks in a very unexpected way. Read more about this book here.



A Danger to Herself and Others

A danger to herself and others - Bibliophile.grHannah is incredibly intelligent, a year away from entering an Ivy League College, and, as her parents have always said, ‘born mature’. So, this must clearly be a mistake. Why would anyone want her locked up in a psychiatric facility for teenage girls?

Accompanied by exceptional narrative, the story combines very good character building with smart twist plots. Hannah is a very intelligent person, which makes it all the more difficult both for her and for the reader to accept that something is, indeed, wrong. Read more here.


The Corset

Ruth is in prison for murder. But it is the way in which she causes people’s deaths that is chilling: the teenage seamstress says she does it all with a needle and some thread. Her dark thoughts and anger, she claims, are sewn into the clothes she makes. And people who wear her clothes soon meet their untimely end.

If you like your thrillers on the fantasy side, The Corset should definitely be your pick! It’s a dark, beautiful story that you’ll find easy to love – it will get you hooked immediately! Read more about it here.



The Winter’s Child

It’s been five years since teenager


Joel Harper went missing. But Susannah Harper firmly believes that her only child is still alive. So, when a fortune teller predicts that her child will come back to her on the night of next Christmas Eve, Susannah will start having eerie encounters. Maybe the fortune teller was not a con artist, after all.

What’s more terrifying than a mother’s desperate search for her missing child? The Winter’s Child is one of the most well-written thrillers of the last years. Dark, emotional, and incredibly intelligent. Read more about it here.