The Stranger in Our Bed

The Stranger in Our Bed - review

The Stranger in Our Bed – review

Charlotte wasn’t looking for trouble. She was happily married. Or, maybe, not as happy as she had thought. Which is why she started an affair and got herself into this mess. And her life might be in danger.

Charlotte has been married for over a decade. Being the wife of a prestigious and incredibly wealthy lawyer comes with great perks. But it also comes with an incredibly controlling and condescending mother-in-law. And, while her patience with Isadora is running low, Charlotte also realizes that her marriage might not be as interesting and strong as she’d thought.

Charlotte soon finds herself in an affair with a mysterious, charming man. Ewan is caring, he listens to her thoughts, she lets her be herself. But at the moment she declares she’s leaving her husband, Ewan disappears. His cell phone goes out of service. Someone else is living in his apartment. And he doesn’t reach out again.

Charlotte’s life is crumbling. She’s determined to find out Ewan’s real identity.But there are more pieces to this puzzle than she’d ever imagined. And things are more dangerous than she’d ever expected.

The Stranger In Our Bed is a fast-moving, gripping psychological thriller. It moves rapidly, not letting the reader get bored even for a second. Every detail matters. Pay attention, and you might find the clues to what’s going on.

Samantha Lee Howe has created some very interesting characters. There’s a background to each hero’s story, and a reason behind every action. But it’s quite difficult to unravel all that. Which makes this book such a good read for the thriller genre.

The Stranger In Our Bed is a book you will not want to put down. Highly recommended for everyone’s to-read list.