The Silent House

The Silent House - review

The Silent House – review

Everyone should feel safe inside their own home.

But how safe can you feel if you can hear nothing at all?

How safe are you when you live in a silent house?

The Hunter family, part of the Deaf community, wake up to discovering their eighteen-month-old daughter, Lexi, is lying murdered in her crib. The Hunters heard nothing. The son saw nothing. But the door locks haven’t been violated. Could the family have murdered their own baby?

Paige Northwood, an interpreter, is called to help with the suspect interviews. What she realizes in horror, is that the murderer is probably part of the deaf community; the community she is also a part of. As secrets are peeled off the family one by one, Paige finds herself tangled into the mystery. And if that wasn’t serious enough, someone starts threatening her. Could she know the killer all too well?

The Silent House is a good mix of a murder mystery and a detective story. The characters are quite intriguing. After all, most of them keep secrets that can bring you closer and closer to the unraveling of this messy situation.


Get hooked on this fast-paced fast-paced story that will keep you on your toes. No one can be trusted.