The Princess Problem

The Princess Problem - bibliophile review

What girl doesn’t want her door to be knocked one day, and to be told she’s a long-lost princess, right?

Well, Kelsey doesn’t. But it’s exactly what happens to her.

Right after fulfilling her dream of moving to New York, twenty-five-year-old Kelsey is up for a big surprise. As it turns out, she’s the missing princess of a faraway kingdom. And, now that the gorgeous bodyguard Elias has found her, he’s determined to bring her back to her royal family.

But strong-willed, smart Kelsey isn’t about to accept to leave her life just like that. SO, the deal is simple: she has two weeks in her new kingdom to decide if she wants to stay and live her royal destiny, or go back to New York and try to get back to normal.

Things are complicated. Life in a palace is harder than she expects. But there’s Elias: the handsome, intelligent man that understands her and has her back. If she decides not to stay, she’ll have to say goodbye to him, too. What is a (surprise) princess going to do?

The Princess Problem is a hilarious, romantic, clever story. Princess? Check. Romance? Check. Trouble? Check! It’s an ideal read for everyone that loves a little romance, a little adventure, and a generous dose of sarcastic lines from a not-wanna-be Princess!

The Princess Problem is a fast and pleasant book that makes you want to finish it all in one sitting. Lovable characters, sweet (and sometimes bitter) scenes: this is the perfect book for a mental getaway! Strongly recommended!