Gripping thrillers: The Other Mrs Miller, by Allison Dickson

The other Mrs Miller - reviewCan a quiet life bore you to death?

Phoebe is rich, bored, and unwilling to leave the house.  And, ever since that strange car started showing up in her neighborhood, she’s had a very strange feeling. Is the woman in the car watching her? And if so, why?

Phoebe is the daughter of a famous mogul. His death brought to light many wrongdoings, exposing the family – and she’s been avoiding society ever since. Addicted to comfort food, wine and doing absolutely nothing outside the house, her life seems less than ideal.

Which is how she has the time to notice the car parked in her neighborhood everyday. Why does that mysterious woman spend so much time lurking around?

As if her crumbling marriage and recurring stalker are not enough, a new family will soon move across from her house. And the eighteen-year-old neighbors’ son is too tempting to pass by. Soon, the woman in the car will be forgotten. And that’s a serious mistake.

A twist-and-turn, gripping thriller.

Utterly gripping, The Other Mrs Miller is an absolute page turner. Atmospheric, fast-paced and mysterious, it’s one of those thrillers that delivers exactly what it promised; you will not be disappointed.

Although the heroes are hard to connect to sometimes, it’s definitely not so far-fetched that it won’t be enjoyed. On the contrary, the weaving of the characters’ lives comes together in a clever way, leaving you wonder about the story in every page you turn.

This is definitely a highly recommended read for all fans of the genre. But even if you’re just starting to test the waters in the thriller area, The Other Mrs Miller is a great start that won’t disappoint you.