The Medici Curse

She was the most beautiful girl Arnaldo had ever seen”

Rainaissance Florence; Arnaldo visits the house of the Medici in order to paint the portrait of Lorenzo The Magnificent’s daughter. What he doesn’t expect is the beauty and the character that lies beneath her face. But the Medici is a powerful family, and Alessandra de Medici is already betrothed to a powerful man.

Florence, present. Maria discovers a beautiful painting underneath a mediocre drawing. Strange things start happening around her family, and she is determined to find out why.

In the Medici Curse, to stories seemingly different from each other start to unravel before the reader’s eyes. One takes you to the past, the other keeps you in the present. But just as you will start wondering what they have in common, things start to perplex, and the plot starts to unravel.

This is a pleasant, well written story. Easily read through a day, it is short enough not to tire the reader, long enough to stand decently as a novel. The plot does not bore you, and it is quite pleasant. There is, however, the other side of the story. In this case, if you are a strong reader and have read plenty, you will probably unravel the plot correctly in your head long before the writer does. This doesn’t mean that this is just another everyday love story. It is not, although I have to admit that there is a lot of Romeo-and-Juliet going on in it. It is just not the exceptional “I did not see this coming” plot. Again, if you haven’t read much, it is quite fine.

All in all, should you read this book? Do you need a light reading? Then yes. Are you a romantic? Definitely, you’ll like it plenty. Do you seek the exceptional? Maybe not. This is an easy, pleasant reading for a day or two, but it’s probably one of the books I would only read once in my life.