The Lady and the Highwayman

The Lady and the Highwayman - review1865, London.

Two writers. Two secrets. And a rivalry that turns into fierce love.

Once a street urchin, Fletcher Walker is now the most successful writer in the Penny Dreadful market. But aside from his writings, Fletcher does something much more important in the shadows: he helps other children that live as street urchins move away from life in the streets.

Elizabeth Black is a headmistress for a prestigious girls’ school. But she’s more than meets the eye. Secretly, Elizabeth writes. And her books are so successful, that the pen name she hides her identity behind, Mr King, is now threatening to overthrow Fletcher Walker from the writing throne.

As King’s writing power rises higher and higher, Fletcher will try to find a way to contact him. And that’s how he’ll meet Elizabeth. An adventure far from what any of them had ever expected is about to begin.

The Lady and the Highwayman is a beautiful, funny, romantic story that combines it all: historical fiction, romance, and a hint of adventure! This is exactly the story fans of Victorian London will fall in love with. Written in a way that will leave you engrossed in this affair, The Lady and the Highwayman is a sweet adventure. Not to be missed!