The Infernal Devices

CAM_coverImagine a world where monsters exist.

Not the everyday kind, but the magical kind. Now, imagine a breed that is half angels and half humans.

The Nephilim are descendants of both breeds, appointed with the difficult task of protecting the human kind from the Downworlders, which consist of all kinds of warlocks, monsters and demons.

It is the 1800s, and Tessa Gray arrives in London from America. Kidnapped as soon as she sets foot on England, she realizes she is not the ordinary girl she thought she was; she has shape shifting abilities. Soon enough the Nephilim will rescue her, providing her with shelter in their London institute, and a new world will become her reality. Along with solving the mystery of her kidnapper and her true identity, Tessa will realize she is falling for two Nephilims at the same time; Will, the stubborn excellent fighter, and Jem, the kind hearted Nephilim that is dying from a mysterious supernatural disease.

This is a lot of dilemmas for one story, but surprisingly, it works very well for the reader. Lots of things to solve, quick action, life lessons and romance at the same time. This is definitely not going to bore you. It is well written, catchy (in the good sense of the word) , and both happy and sad at te same time. A bittersweet story that will not disappoint you.

Should you read this? Are you a fantasy  fan? Then definitely. For those not so familiar with the genre, it might get a bit too much, what with the large number of the magical creatures and the angels and the powers and… you get it. However, even if overwhelming, I strongly suggest you give it a try. It is a beautiful story, very much worth your time.

The Infernal Devices series are out in graphic novels as well. They are amazing, but I suggest you get familiar with the books first. Enjoy!