The giving tree

givingtreeAn apple tree and a child play together every day. While the child grows things start to change. He starts being concerned with other issues, leaving the playing behind.  The apple tree , however, never stops loving him. So every time the growing man appears, the apple tree makes a sacrifice for his happiness, whether it is her leaves, her branches, or her heart.

A highly controversial children book, it has been a subject of both criticism and praise ever since its first publication in 1964. The Giving Tree teaches the act of selfless love and complete devotion, yet it seems just a tiny bit difficult for a child to grasp. The story seems to not be exactly for children, yet a little bit too simplified for adults. The concept of never being satisfied and materialism are points too hard for a child to understand.  The_Giving_Tree

Whatever the criticism concerning the book, it is worth a try for your child as well as yourself. It is a small, melancholic but beautiful story that is certainly worth giving devoting a little time on.