The Deep

The Deep - reviewSomething is haunting the Titanic.

1916. Annie Hebbley, having spent the past years in a mental facility, decides that it’s time to move on from the Titanic tragedy that has been haunting her. She boards the sister ship, Britannic, as a nurse, in an attempt to move on with her life.

But life on the Britannic keeps reminding her of a dark past. It keeps bringing back to her memories of the Titanic. And the dark fate that haunted the great ship day before it met its demise.

1912. As passengers start boarding the Titanic, stewardess Annie Hebbley comes face to face with Mark Fletcher. Why does it feel like she knows this man very well? And what is this connection she feels with another man’s baby?

As a stewardess for the first-class passengers, Annie will meet many of them – like renowned millionaires Madeleine Astor and Benjamin Guggenheim. And all of them feel that something strange is happening on board the Titanic. As days go by, everyone gets more agitated by the hour. Are they all losing their minds?

The Deep is an attempt to give a haunting explanation to the most notorious sinking in nautical history: the Titanic. Moving back and forth in time between the two ships known as ‘sister vessels’ – the Titanic and the Britannic – Alma Katsu creates pieces for a puzzle that the reader is asked to solve.

The story is narrated by many different people, and seen from different perspectives. Everyone has a different point of view, but they all agree on one thing: something is very wrong with the ship. It almost feels like a haunting.

The Deep has an attention-grasping concept. The narrations is very good, and the plot moves quite slowly, but surely towards a peak that the reader probably doesn’t expect. At times, toward the end, it felt like the explanation behind it all wasn’t particularly convincing; like some pieces of Katsu’s puzzle didn’t fit in 100% with each other. But in its majority, it was smartly constructed, with well-built characters, and an unexpected ending.

A recommended read for fans of the supernatural, and strongly recommended for fans of the story of Titanic, the Deep is here to haunt us all. Are you scared?