The Death of Mungo Blackwell

The Death of Mungo Blackwell - reviewCharlie Price is living one of his worst nightmares. After a major professional mistake, he has lost his high-paying job. His wife and son can’t have the same life anymore. Now, he must find another way to make ends meet. And that’s how he finds Coraloo.

We must all fall in order to find what makes us happy.

Since they can’t afford life at the city anymore, the Price family moves to Coraloo: a small, strange village with a street market that’s known for the antiques people can find. Charlie is determined to do just that: to buy various old items and auction them online. But is that enough to sustain his family?

As his wife, Vee, struggles to come to terms with life at a strange village, and one of the main runners of the market threatens to kick him out, Charlie finds himself in a situation that just keeps getting worse and worse.

But he’s not alone. The Blackwell family is (well, mostly) on his side. And, through stories, experience and gestures, the Blackwell family will help Charlie see life from another point of view. And, who knows? Maybe having a funeral he can actually attend – like the great Blackwell ancestor, Mungo – will make him see things more clearly.

The Death of Mungo Blackwell was, indeed, a peculiar book to read. An original concept, an amazing, far-from-boring plot, and some great life lessons are combined to create a beautiful story. But what stood out the most was by far the character structure: colorful characters, great dialogue, names and people that came alive while you read.

The Death of Mungo Blackwell is a story for all kinds of audience: it’s not a mystery, and it’s not horror; it’s not romance, and it’s not fantasy. It’s a beautifully narrated story that makes you laugh, cry, and helps you put your life into perspective.