The Book Ninja


Frankie’s life has turned flat- and books are her only consolation.

Yes, she has a job she loves at her best friend’s bookstore. But her love life has never been the same ever since Ads left her almost three years ago. She has also stopped writing since her second book was rated horribly by critics. Let’s just say that she’s not living her best life right now.

But just as she started to feel like this will be her life from now on, a gorgeous man steps into the bookstore. But, alas! He heads towards the YA novels: the one genre Frankie finds horrible. Among sweet coincidences and hilarious situations, Frankie and Sunny will come closer together.

Can this really be the person for her? Will she be able to overcome her commitment issues?

Book lovers, unite

The Book Ninja is a wonderful, absolutely enjoyable read. Filled with hilarious situations and smart dialogue, it will make you laugh out loud – a lot! Every character is lovable has something to offer; mainly a lot of smart and funny things to say.

Frankie’s story is one a lot of people can empathize with, and one that will remind every bookworm of their life at some point. Frankie’s and Sunny’s love story is one you can’t help but to cheer for – loudly and proudly!

But wait, there’s a cherry on top: the books, of course! A wonderful treat for every bookworm, the literature references are abundant; and if you are an avid reader, you will enjoy them to no end. From a great book hunt on public transportation to literature jokes, The Book Ninja will have you laughing in no time.

I read The Book Ninja in one seating. It was absolutely impossible for me to put the book down. It is easy-going and attention grasping, and I believe everyone out there who likes love stories or reads a lot will definitely love it!