The Art of Asking

The_Art_Of_Asking_Book_CoverThis is the life of Amanda Palmer, singer and member of the Dresden Dolls. Palmer became widely known when she was asked to speak at a TED talk, and her theme was The Art Of Asking.

Palmer teaches as through her life’s stories that asking for help or support (whether financial, psychological or social) is not the bad thing we believe it to be.  Asking can help us reach where we wouldn’t be able to on our own. Besides, have you ever stopped and wondered whether people want to help you but are afraid that you are not letting them do so? , Amanda asks.

Palmer is considered a controversial artist because she uses fundraising methods in order to publish her music. She also uses couch surfing while on the road for tours. What is couch surfing? Asking for her audience to take her in for the night, crashing on their couch. It sounds dangerous to most of us, but not to Palmer. And this is the second lesson of the book; trust.  A quality so rare nowadays, being able to trust is so liberating, Palmer tells us. Through her stories, you realize that maybe you should be just a little bit more trusting.

And then, there is the Fraud Police. The common thought that any occupation that is not on a nine-to-five basis is not a real job, the “get a job!” comment that so many street artists hear every day, and the guilty feelings that come along with it. Palmer started off as a street artist and is very familiar with the concept. In the book she makes us all familiar with it, and explains why not all jobs are nine to five, and how they are as important as an office job..and sometimes even more.

This is an autobiography, but also a self help book in disguise. It brings you face to face with a multitude of things you think and do every day subconsciously. Fears, hesitations, trust issues. Palmer’s own life stories will help you see some of the things you do, think, believe, and give you some different perspective on the matter! A book certainly worth your time, The Art of Asking will make you laugh, cry, feel closer to its author, and learn.