The Afternoon Tea Club

The Afternoon Tea Club - reviewFour people with different lives.

One club that will bring them all together.

When the Afternoon Tea Club opens its doors, nobody has high expectations. Marjorie, Stacy, Raymond and Dora have all decided to give it a try. Four lonely people, with vastly different personalities will meet, and hilarious situations will ensue. Surely, these people can’t come together as a team.

But even though each one carries a different, painful story, they will all soon realize they might just have more similarities than differences. And maybe they can actually help each other out.

The Afternoon Tea Club is a tender story about the complexity and beauty of human relationships. Through the eyes (and hearts, and minds) of four different personalities, the reader comes to see how four different life perspectives can actually complement each other.

The Afternoon Tea Club is a heart-warming story, with interesting characters and beautiful – even if sometimes painful- moments. A recommended work of fiction for everyone.