Intelligent dystopias: Terra Nova, by Shane Arbuthnott



Once upon a time, dystopian novels used to be a rare thing. They were usually heavy reads, and often quite depressing. Nowadays, however, things have fortunately progressed. There is a vast selection of books out there for the fans of the genre, and I have recently come across one that is exceptionally well written. Terran Nova is a book I would definitely suggest you read with your children, and here’s why.

Welcome to a different world

In the land of Terra Nova, things aren’t  quite what they seem to be. People have been lied to for a long time. There are spirits roaming the land, and people now believe that these are malevolent beings, existing just to harm humans.

Molly and her family, however, know the truth. They know the spirits are good entities, and they know that Haviland Industries enslave them in order to harness their power. The spirits are suffering, and people turn away from them, scared all the propaganda they have been exposed to. But that is something Molly and her brothers are determined to stop.

A unique, magical story

This is a magical story, unique in its dystopian structure. Terra Nova is a book about discovering what is wrong and doing what you believe is right. Molly is the perfect example of the heroine that fights for what she believes in, even though almost everyone is against her. With a fast paced plot that leaves no time to get bored, and a lot of bumps on Molly’s road, it’s a book that can be read in a day and keep you interested to the last page.

A strong female character

Molly is a strong girl that has gone through a lot in her short life, and still keeps going. Human enough to have doubts at times and even come to the verge of giving up, she is the example of a genuine hero that has flaws as well as strengths. In the end, you do what you believe is right, and fight for that even when you are scared, and that is the most important lesson I have derived from this story.

Not just a YA book

As with all good books, Terra Nova is not just for children and teenagers. It’s a story everyone can benefit from, and it’s a good book to read along with your children. This is the second book on the Molly Stout series, and we certainly hope there will be a third one soon! However, Terra Nova can be a perfectly enjoyable read even as a stand alone book.