The weight of a soul - bibliophile.gr review

The Weight of a Soul

Lena could be a typical teenager in a Viking village. But she has a great difference from every other: as the firstborn daughter of the village Chief, she knows that one day, the village will be hers. But that comes...

American Royals - bibliophile.gr review

American Royals

Being a future Queen looks glamorous. But what happens when you have to put your duty to your country over the love of your life? In a parallel universe where George Washington became a King instead of a President, America...

Five Feet Apart - Bibliophile.gr

Five Feet Apart: The love story of 2019

  “Another book turning into a movie?”, you’ll sigh exasperated. I know, not all movies make justice to the books. But bookworms around the world are anxiously anticipating this one. So, have you heard of Five Feet Apart? If not,...