The Princess Problem - bibliophile review

The Princess Problem

What girl doesn’t want her door to be knocked one day, and to be told she’s a long-lost princess, right? Well, Kelsey doesn’t. But it’s exactly what happens to her.

American Royals - review

American Royals

Being a future Queen looks glamorous. But what happens when you have to put your duty to your country over the love of your life? In a parallel universe where George Washington became a King instead of a President, America...

Five Feet Apart -

Five Feet Apart: The love story of 2019

  “Another book turning into a movie?”, you’ll sigh exasperated. I know, not all movies make justice to the books. But bookworms around the world are anxiously anticipating this one. So, have you heard of Five Feet Apart? If not,...

the darkest star tor bibliophile

The Darkest Star, by Jennifer L. Armentrout

In a world where humans co-exist with aliens, seventeen-year-old Evie Dasher has experienced the war between the two species first-hand. With a mother working in military and a father that died in the war, Evie has learned to keep away...

The distance - bibliophile review

Against all odds: The Distance, by Zoe Folbigg

  Can distance stop two people from being in love? Cecilie meets Hector in a chat room dedicated to their favorite band. The bond is instant. With humor and light-hearted flirting, it doesn’t take long for them to realize they...