The book ninja - bibliophile review

The Book Ninja

Frankie’s life has turned flat- and books are her only consolation. Yes, she has a job she loves at her best friend’s bookstore. But her love life has never been the same ever since Ads left her almost three years...

Uplift - bibliophile review

Uplift, by Grant Corriveau

Have you ever wondered what happens in the cockpit of the plane that is taking you home? What happens when the green lights flash in the cockpit, but the red lights indicate an error at the same time? What kind...

Not working - bibliophile review

Not Working, by Lisa Owens

  Claire Flannery doesn’t like where her career is heading. Somewhere between late 20s and early 30s, she is stuck in an unfulfilling job, working in marketing and doing the same boring things every day, over and over. Not being...