Adult conversation - review

Adult Conversation

When April started a family with her husband, she decided that she wanted to be a full-time mom. Fun, right? But what happens when you’ve miscalculated?

The weight of a soul - review

The Weight of a Soul

Lena could be a typical teenager in a Viking village. But she has a great difference from every other: as the firstborn daughter of the village Chief, she knows that one day, the village will be hers. But that comes...

Magpie - review


Claire has just left her marriage behind. But she never meant to leave her son, too. And now he’s missing. Where can Joe be? Does Duncan, her husband, have anything to do with it?

The Princess Problem - bibliophile review

The Princess Problem

What girl doesn’t want her door to be knocked one day, and to be told she’s a long-lost princess, right? Well, Kelsey doesn’t. But it’s exactly what happens to her.