Romanov - bibliophile review


The Romanovs are no longer in power. But they’re in danger. And only Anastasia can help them.

The Dragon Republic - Bibliophilegr review

Epic tales of fantasy: The Dragon Republic

Rin has saved the Empire form destruction. But at what cost? Distraught, feeling guilty and lost, and addicted to opium, Rin is still mourning Altan’s death. But she still has to lead the Cike. And if she wants to assassinate...

Sea Witch Rising - review

Sea Witch Rising

Alia’s fate is sealed. She has made a deal with the Sea Witch. Now she’s a human, and she will either win the heart of the Prince, or turn to foam.

Epic Fantasy : The Winter of the Witch

Winter is here. And darkness has fallen. The people of Moscow are suffering. The city’s flames have just been extinguished. The crowd, left to pick up its pieces, needs someone to blame. And who’s a better victim than the witch...