Stories that break our hearts, and why they are worth it

stories that break our hearts

Here’s to books that break our hearts

I could start by telling you how important books are, but you already know that. Instead, let us talk about some of those special, rare findings that make¬† us feel sad, but which we get to love nonetheless: the books that break our heart. Have you ever come across a book that was very hard for you to read, but in the same time felt like home? If so, then you know what I’m talking about.

Only a book that touches you can break you

Not all people are moved by the same book. Although there are some stories that reach a lot of people’s souls, it is mostly different stories for different people that do the job. But what do we mean by heart-breaking stories?

Heart-breaking books are the ones that touch you to the core. An hour into the story, and you’re crying. And I don’t mean the movie-kind teardrop on your cheek. No, I mean the ugly, loud, coming-from-the-soul kind of crying. This is the story that breaks and shapes you, all at the same time.

I’ve had this happen to me a couple of times before. When the book was over, I repeatedly texted my friends, furious about the plot, the ending, the whole thing.¬† Eventually, one of them will say something like “I’m sorry the book was bad”. In which case, I will be perplexed, assuring them that, no, the book was actually brilliant. And that’s when they’ll ask what any logical human being would.

Books that break our heart 2

“But you’re crying. How are you still enjoying this?”

Well, the best possible way to explain it is this: The heartbreak that is caused by a book is always a beautiful one. There’s always a valid reason for crying while reading. If I’m crying while I’m hugging a paperback, be confident that the book is pretty amazing. It takes impeccable skills and wonderful storytelling to invoke that magnitude of feelings. It means that the author is doing a marvellous job.

Books that break our heart 3

And as for the reader?

The emotional pain is worth it. It is so worth it, that I would probably go through the same pain all over just to enjoy that wonderful story again. Having your heart shattered by a story carries something almost cathartic. And, what is interesting about it, is that this kind of book is one that affects you so strongly, you will probably remember it for the rest of your life.

So, there it is, from one bookworm to others: please don’t be afraid of heart-breaking stories. These are the books that you will carry in your heart as years go by. At some point, someone will ask you if reading it was worth the emotional pain. I’m sure you will say, in every confidence, that you’d read it all over in a heartbeat.