Sisters of Shadow and Light

Sisters of Shadow and Light - bibliophile review

Welcome to a world of fantasy, magic, monsters, and sisterly love so strong that it can change the world.

Zuhra and Inara have spent all their lives in isolation. In a castle that long ago belonged to the Paladins, Zuhra lives a life with a mother broken by her father’s abandonment, and a sister that is almost never lucid, with voices filling her head.

The hedge that surrounds the castle never lets them leave. And that’s probably for the best, since their father was a Paladin, and the villagers would probably kill them for that.

But when a scholar manages to go through the magical hedge, Zuhra will find out that her life has been a lie. The little she knows about her existence is twisted. And there’s a lot more she never realized. Now she knows that she might have a chance to cure Inara.

Will she find a way to bring her sister back from the voices?

Welcome to a world of fantasy, were magical portals and monsters exist, and where two sisters will try to stand on their own feet and gain back their power. Sisters of Shadow and Light is a unique story with many hidden secrets. Those are revealed slowly along the way, creating an interesting plot.

There is something ‘once upon a time’ about this story. Luckily, it doesn’t turn into a “damsel in distress saved by the knight’ – although it gets dangerously close to that at times.

Narrated by both sisters, this is a story of sibling love, a broken family, and the consequences that come with keeping devastating secrets from your loved ones. But it is also a story about finding your truth and gaining your power.

Sisters of Shadow and Light is a book that is enriched with more characters and action as you go, building up to a wonderful crescendo. There is bound to be another book following, picking up to show us even more of this magical world. Definitely a recommended read for the fans of fantasy.