She lies in wait

She lies in wait - bibliophile reviewSeven teenagers. One death. Who’s the murderer?

July, 1983. Seven teenagers go camping in the woods. Next morning, no one can find 14-year-old Aurora. After long searches and everlasting interrogations, the case goes cold.

Thirty years later. A body is found in the woods. Skeletal remains prove what DCI Sheen already suspected to be true: it’s long-lost teenager Aurora Jackson. The remains have been found in a place only her friends have known about. And that can only mean one thing.

One of them is the killer.

The case is open again, and secrets start coming to the surface. But thirty years have already passed. And the tight-knit group of friends is guarding their secrets very well. Will DCI Sheen and his team be able to find what truly happened to Aurora Jackson?

She Lies In Wait is a thrilling, fast-paced story that will keep you on your toes. The nail-biting plot is exceptionally well constructed, revolving around a mystery that is extremely difficult to solve – up to the very end. The characters are (with no exceptions) interesting, intelligent, and with very peculiar backgrounds. So, for all the thriller fans out there – this is a perfect fit for you!