We are all monsters and bastards, and we are all beautiful

Welcome to  the kingdom of Goredd

…where after many years of war against the dragons, humanity has decides to live with them after the signing of a peace treaty. After the King is found murdered under suspicious conditions, Seraphina, a sixteen year old court musician, gets involuntarily involved and tries to solve the mystery along with Prince Lucian.

A complicated world unravels before the readers’ eyes; Goredd is a Kingdom of wonders, a Victorian-type parallel universe, where music is wondrous, people are suspicious, and dragons, who can take human form, are extremely intelligent but lack any emotion. Complicated politics, lack of tolerance, hatred, but in the same time light, intelligence, understanding, and eventually love, are all aspects you will meet in Hartman’s novel.

However, the most important issue addressed is the aspect of being different in a society with zero tolerance regarding uniqueness. There is a clear picture of what people, today, in our universe (not only Seraphina’s) go through when they are even a tiny bit different from everybody else. Hiding your unique abilities, your strange thoughts, your different character, being scared, and eventually embracing yourself and becoming strong is the best lesson you could ever get from a book. And it so happens that it is a lesson Seraphina will offer you!