The Sentence Is Death : Another compelling story from the mind of Anthony Horowitz

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A death, a bottle, and a number

High-end divorce lawyer Richard Pryce is found dead in his apartment, brutally murdered. On the wall over his words a cryptic number is painted: 182. And his last words indicate that the murderer was someone Pryce had definitely known.


But things don’t add up. A £3,000-worth bottle of wine on the desk of a man that didn’t drink. A number on the wall that doesn’t make any sense. And a lot of enemies.

When a person from Pryce’s past seems to get accidentally killed by a train, things will get a lot more complicated. So, what has Pryce done in his past to lead him to his fate?

And that’s where Horowitz comes in the story

Author Anthony Horowitz is living a normal life – including script writing for a TV series and having a mild writer’s block – when private investigator Daniel Hawthorne steps through his door. Having already experienced an investigative adventure together, Hawthorne convinces Anthony to follow along this one, in order to write another crime book.

As things get more complicated by the minute, Anthony will realize that Hawthorne’s cryptic behavior is here to stay. And things are about to get worse. Anthony will be threatened, and his own life might be in danger during this ordeal.

Smart, humorous and cryptic, The Sentence Is Death is a mystery book in the style Anthony Horowitz has already hooked as at. And the fact that the author himself was a big part of the plot was very interesting and refreshing. Moreover, there were lots of twists and turns, and many suspects provided – which made it all the more fun!


The Sentence is Death is a fast-paced story that will definitely entertain you and immerse you in the plot. All the main characters were interesting and well-constructed, and you just couldn’t help keeping on reading (and ultimately forgetting to get some sleep)! This is definitely a book I recommend to all Horowitz fans. And if you’re not already a fan, The Sentence is Death will definitely turn you into one!