Sea Witch Rising

Sea Witch Rising - reviewAlia’s fate is sealed. She has made a deal with the Sea Witch. Now she’s a human, and she will either win the heart of the Prince, or turn to foam.

But her twin sister, Runa, refuses to accept Alia’s fate. Her sister is running out of time, and she’s not about to let her die. Which is how she makes her own deal with the Sea Witch. A deal that will seal not only her fate, but also the fate of the Sea Witch and the whole of the Sea Kingdom.

The Sea Witch is back

Sarah Henning is back with the sequel to one of the most popular retellings. But this is more than a retelling of The Little Mermaid. Sarah Henning moves us forward to the 1900s. And while a World War is about to break on land, there is another, similarly serious and destructive war boiling under the surface of the sea.

With magic mostly diminished on land and the balance disrupted, the sea has gathered more power than it can handle under the hands of an incompetent ruler. The Sea Witch knows that. Runa does, too. And now their fates are intertwined, and their actions will either save or destroy the lives of many beings, both over and under the sea.

Magic and reality, intertwined

Sea Witch Rising creates a world where magic exists, but it’s surprisingly similar to our present reality. And, through the actions of two very strong women and their surrounding characters, Henning creates an immersing story with some very serious and intelligent messages.

Although Sea Witch Rising is a sequel to the Sea Witch, it can actually be read perfectly well as a stand-alone fantasy book. This is definitely a recommended read, one that especially fantasy and fairy-tale retelling fans will immensely enjoy.