Run Away

Run Away by Harlan Coben - Bibliophile.grSimon hadn’t seen his daughter in months.

An addict, she has ran away with Aaron Corval, the man who hooked her on drugs. So, when Simon gets a glimpse of her again, he’s sure he can convince her to come home. But a confrontation with her boyfriend will lead to Simon assaulting him.

This is were things get complicated

Weeks later, the police find the body of brutally murdered Aaron Corval. To the eyes of the police, Simon is the primary suspect. But to Simon, there are worse things that come with the news: his daughter is still missing, and no one is even looking for her.

As Simon embarks on a wild hunt for clues that will show where his daughter is, he starts finding more things than he had ever expected. More and more secrets are revealed, and Simon will get more than he had ever bargained for.

Fast-paced and shock-inducing, Run Away is an outstanding thriller. Based on the scariest creatures of all – the human beings, this is a thought-provoking masterpiece that evokes the readers’ feelings without having to rely on scary imagery or gore.

Harlan Coben is already known for creating nail-biting plots, but this time, it looks like he has outdone himself. Run Away is full of twists and turns, and the presence of subplots just makes the story all the more enjoyable.