Romanov - bibliophile reviewThe Romanovs are no longer in power. But they’re in danger. And only Anastasia can help them.

The Royal Romanov family has stepped down from the throne. Now they’re being held in confinement under the power of the Red Army. But Anastasia, the smart and playful Romanov Princess, doesn’t give up. Her father’s given her a task: save the doll that’s hiding the only spell that can now save her family from the Red Army.

But, even though she’s known as a cunning creature, can she manage to keep the family secret safe and save them all? Whom can she trust? And how many can she save?

In Romanov, Nadine Brandes follows the same style she did in the incredible Fawkes. Based on a true event and real people, the last royals of the Romanov dynasty during the days of their captivity, she creates an attention-grasping story that mixes historical fiction with fantasy.

Sprinkled with a hint of romance, Romanov is an enjoyable combination of beloved genres that holds the reader’s imagination and keeps them turning the pages, asking for more.

Extra points should be awarded to the author for the very good research on historical facts. Brandes also managed to present a tender, lovable portrayal of a family that has often been vilified through the history of Russia. Anastasia is a character you can’t help but hold dear to your heart, and her mischief and sense of adventure, as well as her courage through the worst of times, makes her a fit and well-deserved hero.