Princess in practice

Princess in practice - bibliophile reviewThe Princess must be protected at all costs. Switching is the only way. But who will get in danger?

Lottie and Ellie have already switched places. It’s a dangerous time for royalties, and the princess must be saved at all costs.

Now the girls are back to school, where it’s supposed to be safe. But strange things have followed the girls to Rosewood. People are being poisoned, and not even the confinement of school is safe anymore. Will the girls be able to solve the mystery and stop the poisonings?

Princess in Practice is a fast-paced story. Somewhere between YA and fantasy, it’s a very interesting and quick read. As a reader, you’ll quickly get to like Lottie and Ellie- that is, if you haven’t already read the first book in the series. Princess in Practice is the second book in the Rosewood Chronicles series. But worry not, this story can be read perfectly easily as a stand-alone book. So, if tough princesses and mysteries are your thing, this book has it all!