Must-reads: Once Upon A River

Once Upon A River -

Once upon a time

On midwinter’s solstice, on the banks of Thames, Swan Inn is full of villagers who try to stay warm and dry by the fire. When the door suddenly pens, an injured man comes in and collapses. In his arms lies a child around four years of age, that seems already drowned.

But, although everyone seems sure that the little girl is dead, her pulse comes back, and her eyes flutter open.

How can a child come back from the dead? Continue reading “Must-reads: Once Upon A River”

Children’s Book Tuesday: A stage full of Shakespeare stories

You love Shakespeare. But what about your children?

Nearly no one can deny that Shakespeare was a great figure of English theatre. Of course, there was also the creation of word – did you know that a lot of the words we use nowadays come from the man himself? Clearly, reading Shakespeare’s works has a lot of advantages. And children could also learn a lot from his works, and in the same time enjoy them. Continue reading “Children’s Book Tuesday: A stage full of Shakespeare stories”