The Pact, by SE Lynes


An overprotective, anxious mother, trying to keep her daughter safe from the world.

A teenage daughter who feels suffocated from her mother.

An aunt who gives up everything in order to take care of her sister and niece.

And, above all, a pact among sisters, made over twenty years ago.

Fifteen year old Rosie’s family is very different from what you would call normal. For one, her father died when she was six. What is more, her mother’s aunt lives with her and her mother. The three of them seem to be moving on, or at least “coping” with their lives, as they put it. Rosie’s mother, Toni, is fiercely overprotective. But that can’t lead to any harm.

Or can it?

Rosie is confused. Jealous of her more loosely monitored friends and burdened by her father’s death, she just wants to be normal. She wants to go out, have a social life, a boyfriend. And some part of life that is just her own.And who’s better than hiding things, than a teenager with an over-controlling parent? Maybe the solution would be to start hiding things from her mother and aunt. Maybe she can keep one little thing for herself. One little secret, that’s all she asks for. What harm can that do?

A suspenseful thriller

Full of the right secrets in the right places, The Pact is the story of a different family.  Hurt, dysfunctional, but still coping, the family of three try to survive on their own. But their story hides too many secrets. In their effort to do good, they might be harming each other more than what they can imagine.

Three narratives. Three different characters.

Each woman tells their sad of the story. Each one of the broken heroines fills a peace of the puzzle for you. By the time you are halfway in the book, you will not be able to put it down. You can practically sense the sorrow, the agony, the fear. But you can also sense the good moments, too, and by the time you;re close to the end of this story, you will be wishing for a good resolution to it all.

Strongly recommended for the fans of thrillers, The  Pact keeps you in a tight grip, refusing to let you go, even when you’ve finished the last sentence of the last page.