Medieval Noir : The Deepest Grave


 London, 1392


Peculiar things are happening at the cemetery of St Modwen’s Church after sunset: corpses are said to come to life and roam in the churchyard, carrying around their own coffins. And it is not long after that that people start being murdered. Crispin Guest and his apprentice, Jack Tucker, are tasked with finding out what lies under these weird sightings.

While investigating the mysterious happenings at St Modwen’s Church, Crispin will also be called to help his former love, Philippa Walcote. Her son is being accused of murder. Christopher is only seven, and he insists that he is, indeed, the culprit. But Crispin’s instinct knows better.

This is not a murder the boy would be able to commit. And why would anyone willingly offer themselves to hang for a crime they had nothing to do with? Christopher is covering for someone, but who could that be?

Between a seven-year-old boy who admits to a crime that he hasn’t committed, and a murder at St Modwen’s graveyard, can Crispin handle one more secret, one that is about his own life?

Medieval Noir at its best

The Deepest Grave is an attention grasping medieval mystery. Set carefully in 1300 London, it holds two matters for the reader to solve, which makes it all the more interesting. The hero has to juggle between two matters while, in the same time, he has to face his hard past.

Both Crispin’s and Jack’s characters are well constructed and surrounded by unique and mysterious heroes, and the puzzles they will have to face are admittingly not easy to solve.

The Deepest Grave is part of a medieval noir mystery series, but stands perfectly well on its own as well. Recommended both for fans of historical fiction and mysteries, this is a quick read that you will definitely enjoy!