This must be the place, by Maggie O’Farrell

Do you think, Daniel,” she said to him, rolling over onto her back so that she was able to look out of the window while she spoke, “that we might have reached the end of our story?” 

Meet Claudette

A former Hollywood star and world known actress. On the peak of her career, she will decide to run away from it all and leave an incognito life in Ireland.

Meet Daniel

After an ugly divorce in New York, he will trace his roots back to Ireland.

This is the place where it all begins for them.It must have been fate. Daniel and Claudette will feel drawn to each other from the first instant. They will start a family there, in the middle of nowhere. But , years later, the memory of a mysterious woman will stir their domestic life, and Daniel will feel the need to dig up old wounds. Will their love for each other be enough to draw them back together? Are some things of our past better left burried?

Love has many forms

…and many ways of manifesting. Some love stories have to go through storms, an Daniel’s is one of these. Will his quiet life with his second wife prove stronger than his past? Are past mistakes able to affect your present?

A novel uniquely written, it guides the reader both through time and places. You will follow Daniel’s and Claudette’s past, present and future. But you will also see the lives of their families, their loved ones, and go down the rabbit hole of a mystery that has been left alone for over twenty years. The plot will often be full of sadness and sorrow, but Maggie O’ Farrell creates a story where you clearly see that light can always be found at the end of the tunnel.