Much Ado About Nutmeg

much ado about nutmeg - reviewGet ready, it’s cozy mystery time!

It’s summer, and Wildwood Cove is living in the fever of the Golden Oldies Games. And while the town is preparing to host the sports games for people over fifty, Marley McKinney is busy between managing her pancake cafe and getting ready for her late summer wedding.

But when a suspicious accident takes place in the quiet town, Marley will find herself trying to solve the murder herself. And, of course, that will lead to a lot of trouble. As if one vanishing isn’t enough, a second event will soon take place. As the list grows longer, the plot thickens. Will Marley be able to clear things up, or is she putting herself in danger?

Fast-paced and pleasant, Much Ado about Nutmeg definitely delivers in the cozy mystery genre. Not too complex but not too easy to solve, either, the book gives you an interesting mystery to solve, and it’s short enough o read in a day or two – perfect for a mystery weekend.

A a recommended read, especially for those loving the cozy mystery genre.