Mr Nobody

Mr Nobody - reviewCan you trust a person who doesn’t remember his own identity?

Norfolk. A man is found on the beach with a head wound. Disoriented, not talking. No identification. As the days go by in the hospital, things don’t seem to get any better. Mr Nobody remembers nothing. Or, at least, that’s what seems to be the case.

Neuropsychiatrist Dr Emma Lewis has always been fascinated with a rare human condition, in which the person looses all memories because of psychological trauma. So, when the phone rings and she’s asked to take over a rare case of fugue, she can’t help but agree. The case of Mr Nobody is now on her.

But as the days go by, Emma will start realizing that the patient knows things about her that he shouldn’t. No one in Norfolk knows her real name – at least, no one should. And yet, the mysterious man that doesn’t remember his own name seems to recognize her. And that’s not the only thing he knows about her.

Mr Nobody is a very carefully constructed psychological thriller with a very unexpected crescendo. Although it’s quite slow-paced in the beginning, once it speeds up, it becomes very interesting and really hard to put down.

It’s a story filled with secrets for more than one people in this book. And each ones moves the reader closer to a very peculiar and unexpected ending.

Mr Nobody is a must-read for all fans of psychological thrillers – especially if solving the riddle is your cup of tea. Can you solve the puzzle of this man’s identity?