Mother Country

mother-country-irina-reyn-bibliophileNadia’s new life as an immigrant in Brooklyn is hard.

Juggling two jobs, one as a nanny for a privileged and spoiled family, and one as a senior home attendant, she gets through every day keeping one thing in mind: she has to bring her daughter to the USA.

But it’s already been six years since she left her daughter behind in order to secure a better future for her, and things are still looking bleak. With war raging back home and her daughter not having access to medicine for her diabetes, Nadia will have to take radical measures in order to ensure that she can finally reunite with her daughter.

Mother Country is an exceptional novel on the real pain of war and hardships, but also a story of motherly love. Following the story of an immigrant, Reyn’s writing is eye opening, educational and definitely moving. Through flashbacks we learn about Nadia’s background, as well as her life and bond she shares with her daughter. And, during seeing that perspective, we experience a mother’s love and her struggles to do what is best for her child, especially in times of great terror.

This is a novel absolutely worth to read. No matter if you’re familiar with this genre, Mother Country is a story that has a lot to offer – as long as you’re ready to listen.