Miracle on Cherry Hill

Miracle on Cherry Hill - Bibliophile.gr reviewDiagnosed with brain cancer, middle-aged Kang goes back to his childhood neighborhood, Cherry Hill, where he intends to live for the rest of his life. His wealth has allowed him to purchase not only a house but the whole hill.

But the locals don’t seem to accept that. Children play in his back yard, an old woman collects flowers in his garden every day, and a girl feed chickens in his basement. Furious at first, can Kang manage to see the situation better as time goes by?

Miracle on Cherry Hill is a tender book about loss, dealing with death, and, ultimately, dealing with life. Reading this book at times feels more like an illustration than an actual, word-constructed story. Which is exactly what makes it so unique.

The author has managed to paint a spectacular mental painting, and the reader can understand, imagine, and empathize effortlessly. The characters might seem peculiar, but they are all strategically placed, creating the canvas so that Kang can tell us his story – and it’s definitely a very interesting one!

Miracle on Cherry Hill has a lot to teach us, and each reader will draw their own conclusions. But the fact is that, love it or hate it, it is definitely a beautifully written story.