Blackberry and Wild Rose

Blackberry and Wild Rose - Bibliophile.grTwo very different women meet

Esther Thorel is the pious wife of a London silk master. She lives a comfortable life, and people think her days are carefree. Spending her time with the church, she helps unfortunate Sara Kemp get away from the brothel and become maid in her house. But while Esther thinks she is being a saviour, Sara has her own things to teach her mistress.

Two completely different worlds collide

Blackberry and Wild Rose is the collision of two opposite worlds, that seem so very different, but which have so many similarities at their core. Narrated by both women in turns, the story shows both perspectives: the so-called privileged, and the so-called unfortunate.

A tale of two perspectives, the story is set at the era of silk trade, showing us both the lives of the Masters of the trade, as well as those of the journeymen.

As the story unfolds, the reader gets to experience a lot of events from both sides, and there’s something stunning in it. Reading Blackberry and Wild Rose, it’s easy to see that there’s always to sides to every story. But that’s not all: Sonia Velton has managed to convey lots of beautiful messages in the book, without hindering its flow or turning this into a boring read.

Blackberry and Wild Rose is a beautiful historical fiction novel, one that all fans of the genre will certainly enjoy.