Mindf*ck: Inside Cambridge Analytica’s Plot to Break the World

Mindf*ck - bibliophile reviewData is power. But who holds your data? And what do they do with it?

You have heard of Cambridge Analytica. But what exactly did that scandal mean?

Mindf*ck explores the widely known scandal regarding Cambridge Analytica and their experiments, which were applied on political campaigns. The story is written from the scope of Christopher Wylie, former data consultant for Cambridge Analytica. After all, Christopher Wylie is the person that came forward to reveal the practices that took place behind closed doors. Everything’s here: the data, the experiments, the application in political campaigns.

Mindf*ck is raw, honest, and detailed in its truths. It’s a book that makes the reader question more things about their personal data, social media, news, and – most importantly- how free their free will actually is. Who holds your personal data? How do they handle it?

Mindf*ck is an absolute must-read for everyone. And, although it’s not the easiest book to read – truth is never easy, after all – it is definitely something that you should, anyway. Definitely recommended for everyone.