From a master of storytelling: Norse Mythology, by Neil Gaiman

If I had to just use one phrase to describe this book it would be this; storytelling to a new level. If you are a fiction literature fan, Neil Gaiman is surely no stranger to you. From Coraline to Stardust, to American Gods, to everything, really, he is widely considered as a master storyteller.

Trying to be as objective as possible, I still have to admit it’s difficult not to be excited when it comes to Gaiman’s books. There are only a handful of writers that I believe always present the best possible results for readers.

This time, he takes us to the land of the Norse Gods, retelling the myths in his own, unique way. Whether a fan of Loki, Thor, or Freya, you will find a story to love. Norse Mythology is a collection of short stories that reimagine the myths in a funny, amusing way. If you have studied the norse myths before, you will definitely notice that the writer has extensive knowledge of them, which actually makes the book even more enjoyable.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with Gaiman. Every book of his is indeed a unique experience, and Norse Mythology, long anticipated from his fans everywhere, is not going to dissapoint you.