The map of us

map of us

Violet North is brilliant. She is also inconvenient to her family.

Abandoned in a small house and left to fend for herself, no one expected that she would become a resourceful, fierce person, and the creator of a massively successful book series. But that is not the most important part of her story; that part will come when a stranger and a dog come to stand at her door.

37 words will change everything.

Years later, Violet’s granddaughter, Tilly, will find herself in a dark place. Her marriage is over, and her work  is boring and unfulfilling. The only thing that has shaken up her life in the past years, is one small moment: 10.37am, April 22nd. But can she go back to that significant part of her life? And how is Violet’s and Tilly’s life connected?

Three generations in one story

The Map of Us is a stunningly beautiful story about three generations of the same family. The descendants of a brilliant and resilient mind and the love of her life are struggling to find their calling, their own path in life and the ultimate happiness.

Laid out in front of the reader are small fragments of all those people’s everyday life. Picked carefully, all those moments are slowly brought together for the reader to see, creating an intricate web that connects them all together. True to its title, the story creates a beautiful, adventurous and incredibly interesting map of the family. And it all starts with a blue typewriter.

Extraordinarily beautiful, The Map of Us is an absolute delight to read. This is the kind of story that absorbs you to the point of finishing it in a day. There is something incredibly captivating about the narrative, and the chapters are strategically constructed in a way that peaks the reader’s interest – in fact, the unusual titles help a lot in that direction. Tilly’s story, which is also Violet’s and all the family’s as well, is moving, smart, and genuinely captivating.